• I have attached Terms and Conditions forms for you to read and fill out to save you some time on arrival.
• Please bring your signed printed paper work with you to the office when you arrive.
• DO NOT email it back to us.
• If you do not bring the forms with you please be aware that you are expected to read through and sign
paperwork on arrival – this will take 10-15mins.
Weekend Office Times:
• Booking in is After 2 pm. Unless you have made other arrangements. Office is closed at 5.00pm.
• Booking in time on Saturday is 9.00am (for group bookings).
• Booking Out by Midday
Please let us know an approx. time of Arrival so that I can be back in here to give you maps and keys.
Someone needs to be here before 5pm, everyone else must be in the paddock by 8 pm so they don’t bother
other campers. They will soon tell us if people are getting too late coming in as they have done in the past.
*We have had several complaints back at Easter 2018 people turning up at their camp sites lost and hearing others
revving their vehicles on the way in we take pride in people respecting each other and keeping their vehicles as quiet
as possible while driving near other campsites and on the tracks into their camp so we have had to give a time limit. If
we don’t respect this Booking in time, we will close entry to the property at 5pm for everyone.
Anyone that is coming in after 5 pm please make arrangements with your group leader to get to the property and give
your group leader your paperwork and money.
We will then give you a number from here to place in your car so, all cars are accounted for.

The Office

The office is in Peterborough where we give you Maps and Key and were you Pay
Address is 119 Hurlstone Street Peterborough.
Enter 119 Hurlstone Street Peterborough into your GPS to get to the office.
DO NOT Enter Dawson Road or Paradise Road – The Gates are LOCKED!!
Alternatively: Follow the signs to the Hospital on Hurlstone Street go past the Hospital on your right onto the dirt and
we are at 119 Hurlstone Street 200mtrs down in the gully on the left-hand side Willangi Bush Escapes is on the
entrance gateway.

If you have any trouble finding us, please give us a ring.
Home ph. 86512410 Mobile 0427014215
Phil’s 0438247365 Phil’s Home 86512927

Normal site minimum of two nights
Minimum $35.00 per night 1 couple.
$50.00 per family 2 adult and 2 children (4 years to 15 years of age) per night and $6.00 per extra child per night.
Extra adults or children over 15years $17.50p/p
Bath site minimum of two nights
Minimum $50.00 per night one couple
$60.00 per family 2 adult and 2 children per night and $7.50 per extra child per night
extra adults or children over 15years $22.50 p/p
All sites have a drop toilets that is thoroughly cleaned and deodorised prior to guests arriving and fire wood supplied
for a comfort fire and cooking only your breakfast, lunch and dinner on – NOT ALL DAY FIRES OR BONFIRES –
See “Campfires and Firewood Bond”.
4wd Tracks
$45.00 per vehicle for the length of your stay.
The tracks will take you a good 2 days to do as others will be on the tracks and you all need to take care for your
safety and others.
ALL Tracks WILL be closed on Raining days and Fire ban days and days of extreme wind and heat.

Showers are coin operated $1.00 for 3 minutes and they located at the main shed
Please be aware you are on rain water and there many other people that like a shower so please do not waste the


Wood is supplied for cooking and a comfort fire at night until about 10pm – our wood is not for cooking all day
or sitting around at all day and night and NOT for big bomb fire.
We suggest if you like bigger fires and want to keep warm and if you want to stay up till early morning or Burn
wood all day that you bring some of your own wood or a trailer load of wood.
A bond has been applied due to people wasting the wood and/or collect from out the campsites or shed –
Please see “CAMP BOND” Below.
Camping Bond applies to everyone except if you have bought your own wood (not just a small amount though like 1
or 2 pieces)
If you do any of below you will be charged
If you break any of the following a fee WILL be deducted from you bond:
ONE campfire per site.
-Use only the fire rings provided at your campsite do not make them bigger and do not make any more.
-No extra fires for cooking near your van or tent and making another/separate group campfire away from the fire ring
-If you use your wood excessively e.g. Anything other than an evening comfort fire or cooking fire- bonfires, late
nights or burning wood all day, you WILL forfeit your bond money, or you will be charged a fee and asked to leave
the property.
Collecting wood from the property or around your campsite you will also forfeit your bond money and you will be
charged you will be asked to pay as you leave or you will get a email after we have checked your camp the day after
and you will be asked to pay if not or if any of the above happens you may not be allowed back.
No fires in fire ban season (local seasonal bans apply). We will assess this on the weekend.

Camping Bond for fires

For 1 or 2 Families $120 bond. More families will be more.
Groups over 4 families $250.00
You can buy extra wood for $20.00 a bundle.
Wood Collecting from around their campsite or anywhere else on our property is STRICTLY PROHIBITED, If
caught you may be reported to the Environment Protection Agency and you may incur a large fine.
Likewise, if we get caught allowing this behaviour we could be shut down and also incur a large fine!
All we ask is that people respect and abide by our rules to protect our land.
We will know if you break the rules.
At this stage No dogs at all due to heavy baiting for wild dogs and fox’s.

LOUD MUSIC IS NOT ACCEPTED AT ALL – by anyone if heard by other campsites you will be asked to leave
immediately no matter what time of day or night.
If there is anything else you need to know please don’t hesitate to get back to us.
Please send this letter and the attachments to each family, group or vehicle that are in your group so that
they read and understand everything.
Thank you again for your booking have a good week
Warmest Regards

Willangi Bush Escapes
Please check in at office: 119 Hurlstone Street, Peterborough SA 5422

Ph: (08)8651 2410 Mob: 0427 014 215




– $35.00 – $50.00 /night (Single, Couples)
– $50.00 – $60.00 /night (Family – 2 adults, 2 children) /night *
Extra Child $6 – $7.50 extra adult $17.50


Guest Details (Please use BLOCK letters) CASH On Arrival as we do not have credit card facilities



First & Surname Street Name & Number


Make & Model (Nissan Patrol, Toyota Landcruiser etc) Town/Suburb
Registration Number State Registered State Postcode

Camping Guidelines and Conditions

We at Willangi Bush Escapes would like to welcome you to our property.

Please take some time to read and understand the following Guidelines and Conditions. If you cannot follow the Guidelines
and Conditions as listed below please be aware that you WILL BE LIABLE FOR ALL Extra Maintenance and Repair fees. It
may also result in you being banned from the property in the future.
NOTE: Due to People not obeying these rules there is now a camp bond that will be used to cover any excess fire wood
burned, making extra fire rings or making fire rings bigger and repairs to the environment if you collect wood or any
other rule violation, further to this you will not be asked back.

It is great to have you and we hope you enjoy your stay. We have 4WD tracks suitable for drivers with competent four-
wheel driving skills. Some sections are for experienced drivers, so check the map and number points.

Please follow the routes indicated on the map and do not stray onto any unmarked tracks or, make your own tracks.

FARM RULES & INFORMATION – Willangi is a working property

• STAY CLEAR of stock, watering points, windmills and dams
• No firearms, cross bows, knife weapons, chain saws, and motorbikes.
• No dogs
• Phones do work in some places on top of the hills
• Take only photos and leave only footprints and tyre tracks on tracks.


• Do not enter other campsites. Respect their privacy.
• TOILETS are at each site Please use long drop toilets on your site if you don’t have a porta-loo in your van do not dig and
• Use “Dump Point” down Main St for porta-loo disposal or you will be billed for pumping/cleaning out our long drop toilets.
(Your loo liquid stops our loo’s from drying out)
• PLEASE DO NOT LITTER. Take all your rubbish home with you.
• If you dig trenches or holes for your van, tents camper trailers, fill them back in after so that they don’t turn into Creeks. If
you don’t fill them back in, you will incur a fee for filling them in.
• On leaving be sure Campsite is left clean for the next person & fire is out – Use water not dirt


• No fires in fire ban season (local seasonal bans apply).
• Use only the fire rings provided at your campsite do not make them bigger. No extra fires for cooking etc.
• Only use wood provided next to fire ring or wood you have brought yourself.
• DO NOT BURN WOOD SURROUNDING your campsite or from anywhere else on the property as this is destroying
our environment and some creatures’ home. If collect wood or make another fire you will be asked to leave.
• WE do notice! Neil does not miss a thing out on the property.
• DO NOT COLLECT your own wood, if you are short, please ask owners for more ($20.00 per bundle).
• DO NOT TAKE WOOD FROM SHED if you are short, please ask owners for more ($20.00 per bundle).
• If you are here on a Day pass, Please bring your own packed lunch or your own gas bbq wood is not provided.

• Do not start 4wd track before 9.15am Respect other campers.
• Max 20km p/h speed limit. Watch for children and bushwalkers
• Stay on main tracks, DO NOT go on PRIVATE TRACKS (unless going to your own campsite) or Follow unmarked
tracks as these are private mustering tracks.
• Respect the land, STRICTLY NO Wheelies or Doughies or 360’s that may tear up the track, native grasses and
sheep feed –You WILL be reported to the E.P.A.
• DO NOT LITTER. Take all your rubbish home with you.
• NO BBQs out on tracks.
• NO Smoking on tracks
• DO NOT drop your butts on the ground.
• No Alcohol to be consumed while driving on tracks
• If walking, please do not enter other paddocks without maps and do not cross boundary fences
• ALL GATES MUST BE LEFT AS FOUND This is a working property and sheep may be present.
• Please take care at all times, enjoy your drive and our views.
• Any time you stop along your travels and get out, watch for rocks and unlevel ground when exiting your vehicles.
Don’t roll an ankle
• NOTE: WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CLOSE THE TRACKS AT ANY TIME. Tracks may be closed on rainy days and/or fire ban
days and/or days of extreme wind and heat.

General Conditions

As these self-guided tours operate in remote areas, the operator reserves the right to alter, and/or cancel any section and/or parts of the track
which may result from road, weather or any other conditions of an operational nature. Whilst every endeavour will be made to keep all tracks open
at all time, no guarantee will be made that these will be kept open. The operator will not be liable for any costs incurred through failure to connect
with any other service. Any personal expenses incurred by the participant as a result of any delay, alteration or curtailment of any session whether
caused by weather conditions, mechanical defects or any other causes are the responsibility of the participant. The operator shall not in any
circumstance, be held liable or accept responsibility for any loss, acts, omissions, defaults, accident, misperception, delay, failure or expense on the
part of the transport companies, hotel/motel contractors and the like who may provide you with services and facilities at the request of the


The operator and/or its agents are not responsible or liable for loss or damage or theft of luggage or personal belongings whatsoever or for
personal injury, accidents, hospitalisation, illness or medical expenses. We strongly recommend all intending participants consult their insurance
agent or employer and take out adequate insurance to cover any event and give full protection.


The operator and/or its employees accepts no responsibilities, nor is liable for any act of omission whatsoever (whether inside or outside their
control or by neglect or otherwise) for any booking, contract, travel, accommodation or camp sites which may result in any loss, damage, accident,
detention, diversion or theft in regard to luggage or personal belongings, and will be exempt from liability in respect of direct or indirect or
consequential loss or damage, death, injury, sickness, irregularity, delay liability and additional expenses, or inconvenience or any other event
beyond its control including accident or failure to machinery or equipment, accommodations or camp sites, transportation or other services, or any
acts of God, dangers incident to fire, acts of government or other authorities, delays, strikes or cancellation of changes in or schedules whatsoever,
howsoever by whosoever caused.

Medical Conditions

I agree to disclose any pre-existing medical or other condition that may affect the risk that any person will suffer injury, loss or damage.

Vehicle & License

I hereby declare that the vehicle I will be using during this self-guided tour is currently registered and in a roadworthy condition, and I have a
current driver’s licence to operate this class of vehicle.

General Conditions & Booking Acceptance

By signing below, I hereby declare I have read, understood and fully accept and agree to all guidelines, rules and conditions and

booking details outlined above and in all emails received .

Guest Names













Willangi Bush Escapes

– The driver must have 4WD experience and ensure their vehicle is in sound condition, and exercise care at all times.
– The 2WD driver must drive only on tracks suited for 2wd and follow 2wd signs and maps.
– The driver is responsible for the conduct of his/her passengers
– The proprietors reserve the right to close or alter the track for any reason such as, but not limited to, road conditions,
rain, or the likelihood of rain, or for stock management purposes etc.
– The key is to be used for the day it was issued and used during daylight hours only.
– Pets permitted by negotiation only.
– No firearms, no hunting weapons (crossbows, compound bows etc), no motorbikes, no chainsaws, no camping for
the day tours
– No access permitted off any marked tracks.
Exclusion of Liability, Release and Assumption of Risk for drivers and passengers participating in Self-drive 4WD Tours
In exchange for being able to participate in a self-drive 4-wheel drive tour on land owned by Neil and Antoinette Sleep, I
– To release Neil and Antoinette Sleep, its employees, the owners of all land over which the tour passes, their
respective servants, representatives and agents from all liability for my death, personal injury, psychological trauma,
loss or damage (including property damage) howsoever arising from my participation in the tour, except to the
extent prohibited by law.
– That Neil and Antoinette Sleep, the owners of the land over which the tour passes and their respective servants,
representatives and agents do not make any warranty, implied or expressed, that the tour services will be provided
with due care and skill or that any materials provided in connection with the services will be fit for the purpose for
which they are supplied; and
– To participate in the tour at my own risk.
I acknowledge that:
– It has been recommended that I take adequate communication equipment, first aid equipment, sufficiently
detailed mapping of the area of the tour and navigation aids to assist me in my tour of the land owned by Neil
and Antoinette Sleep.
– I understand the risk associated with participating in the tour includes the risk that I may suffer harm as a result
o Breakdown, failure or accident of the conveying vehicle
o Venturing from the conveying vehicle onto land owned by Neil and Antoinette Sleep.
o Tripping, falling or stumbling on the land owned by Neil and Antoinette Sleep.
o Being bitten, chased, kicked or attacked by native and non-native Fauna on the land owned by Neil and
Antoinette Sleep.
o Prolonged exposure to the elements
o Being unable to secure adequate medical attention without delay in a remote area.
I accept the conditions of, and acknowledge the risks arising from, participation in the tour of the land owned by Neil and
Antoinette Sleep, over which the tour and associated parties passes.

Name of Participant Signature of Participant Date

Parent / Guardian Consent (for persons under 18 years of age)

I am the parent / guardian of (names of child / children) hereon-in known as the minor(s), who is/are under 18 years of
age. I have read the document “Exclusion of Liability, Release and Assumption of Risk for drivers and passengers
participating in Self-drive 4WD and 2WD Tours” and understand its contents and I have explained these contents to the

minor(s). I consent to the minor(s) participating in the tour at his / her own risk.
Name of Parent/Guardian Signature of Parent/Guardian Date