Willangi Pastimes and 4WD Tracks

There is a many things you can to and see while at Willangi listed below is just some of the thing we have to offer or will have to offer in the near future. We are sure you will agree that this is something to suit just about any interest.

4WD Tracks/2WD Access

Firstly and foremost Willangi has a number of medium to high skill self-driving 4WD tracks over rolling hills, with rocky outcrops to add to the challenge. From the hilltops you get 360 degrees views of the local district.

We also accommodate the good old 2wd family car, with some 2wd accessible tracks to experience the beautiful mallee scrub and rolling hill scenery that Willangi has to offer.

(NB Tracks will be closed on wet days or if the track are wet from previous rains, they will also be closed on days of fire ban and or extreme heat)

Bird Watching

Willangi offers quiet secluded areas well away from roads offer great areas for the avid bird watcher, there are many bird species and a list is being compiled to help you identify the different species when you arrive.


Artists and Photographers are well accommodated for with an abundance of hills, trees, saltbush, birds and wild life, not to mention the beautiful sunrises and sets, all just wait for you to take that perfect shot or paint that perfect picture.